The History of Belstaff

The history of Belstaff
The Belstaff company has a long heritage that spans over 100 years. Read it’s entire history here: or
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The history of Belstaff video and it’s legendary styles

The origins of Belstaff

In the first decades of the 20th century, keeping motorcyclists warm, comfortable and protected from the elements, racing officials would spray the course with an acid solution which would wreck havoc on the racer’s jackets. Eli Belovitch setups up a shop in Middleton, Staffordshire to deal in reclaimed fabrics and rubber goods from the races. This business is what would eventually become the foundation of Belstaff.

During the First World war, the demand for waterproof fabric soars which stimulates Eli’s business to grow exponentially by providing capes, tents and other weather proof products to the military.

In 1924, Belstaff was founded

Joseph “Joe” Wright became a well-known Belstaff ambassador

1924, the year Belstaff was born

Having built up an expertise for creating high quality waterproof products, Eli Belovitch enlists his son-in-law, Harry Grosberg to create Belstaff. Their target demographic: motorcyclists in need of comfortable road wear. They become the world’s first company to use payday loans no credit check to purchase  Egyptian waxed cotton to manufacture “breathable” waterproof clothing.

Famous Customers of Belstaf

Along the years, many historical figures were customers of Belfast. The list includes:

Famous Belstaff Customers

Ewan McGregor is a long time Belstaff fan.

1948, the iconic Trialmaster Jacket

Introduced in 1948, the waxed-cotton Trialmaster became the company’s trademark jacket. Designed to survive harsh weather and riding conditions, it was built to be tough, comfortable, tight and yet maintains its stylish appeal.

The Trialmaster, along with it’s descendants (like the roadmaster) are designed with four pockets and is a triumph in British design.

David Beckham and friends in a Peter Lindbergh photoshoot

David Beckham and friends in a Peter Lindbergh photoshoot

Popular Belstaff Styles

Over time, many iterations of the Trialmaster have been made for civilians, adventurers, sportsmen and women. Here are a few of the most popular collections over time, visit our website:

  • TrialMaster
  • Black Prince
  • Belstaff XL500
  • New Rebel
  • RoadMaster

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